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Bringing You the Facts - Greg Illerbrun
Hal Schnarre's Letter to Jean Chretien
Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association (CUFOA): Operation Nail It to the Door

Carlos Case: Not Over By a Long Shot
Allen Carlos Backgound Article
Allen Carlos Defense Fund Update
Allen Carlos Court Decisions:
        Yukon Territorial Court - November 2, 2000
        Court of Appeal For The Yukon Territory - July 5, 2001
        Supreme Court of Canada - April 17, 2002

The Lost Target - BATF Form 6 Instructions

Bureaucrats' Interest Articles:
Officials Right To Be Nervous About Privacy Breach
How Accurate are Canadian Firearms Centre Records?
Excerpts From the Canadian Firearms Digest
Photo Archive

Shooting Event News:
Saskatchewan Amateur Trapshooting Association
Saskatchewan Black Powder Association
Saskatchewan Handgun Association
Saskatchewan Practical Shooting Association
Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association
Saskatchewan Provincial Small Bore Association
Saskatchewan Skeet Shooting Club
Saskatchewan Sporting Clays Association

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