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Links For Ballistics, Bullet Design, Reloading

In this first section, you will find websites that discuss the science of Ballistics, which lead into Bullet Design.

A German Ballistics Website that explains How bullets fly?
JBM Trajectory Calculation Page: Software the calculates bullet paths
Firearms Tutorial - Ballistics
JMK Ballistic Software
Kinetic Pulse - A Study in Bullet Impact
Real Guns
Sniper Country - Ballistics
Standard Atmoshpere Calculator

These are interesting sites that discuss the technical parameters of bullet and rifle barrel design and manufacture.

Gunnery Net: Ammunition & Reloading Information
How to Manufacture Bullets: Corbin Bullet Swaging Technology
How to Manufacture Rifle Barrels & Bullets: Lilja Rifle Barrels
NRMA "Set yourself up to reload ammunition"

Precision Shooting
The Accurate Rifle
Rifle & Handloading Magazines - Back Issue Listing
Beartooth Bullets

The Reload Bench Home Page - Reloading Ammunition
Reloading Pages of M.D. Smith
CH4D Home Page
Internet Shooting Directory - Ammunition and Reloading
Sierra Bullets X-Ring Newsletter
Sniper Country - Ammuntion & Reloading

Interested in Gunsmithing? these Sites out:
Blindhogg custom gunworks
Fundamentals of Machine Tools
Pistolsmith.Com Forums - Forum Index
Roderus Custom Gunworks

Homemade Hot Bluing Formula
Weaver Optics Scope Mount Reference Chart
Target Web Ring
Powder Burning Rate Chart - Internet Firearms Industry & Trade Directory

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