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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
April - 2005

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Remember when the Liberals promised to enhance border security after 911? Well, we have recently learned that our border security guards use a system called PALS (Primary Automated Lookout System) to perform security checks of those folks coming across the border. Unfortunately, PALS can only record a single “hit” for each person checked and that “hit” is always updated to the latest entry. Glen Godwin is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, yet if we were to check PALS, all they would get is a benign immigration entry. Too bad they didn’t use the gun registry system, but then that wouldn’t work either because it only tracks the good folks who are not a problem. Both systems are touted by the Liberals for their ability to enhance public safety. I don’t know about you, but it is not working for me!

Then we have all the latest press about ADSCAM. The Liberals hope that you will believe that these are the actions of just a few in an effort to save Quebec. The Prime Minister went as far as to ask the RCMP to “investigate the possibility that the party itself may have been the target of fraud or other harmful acts by custom individuals.” Since when do politicians ask RCMP to initiate investigations? Surprised? You shouldn’t be, the Liberals have the Commission of the RCMP practically working as a deputy minister. The only way this can be fixed is to have the RCMP at arms length from the government, as it should be in a democracy!

Jean Brault of Group Action has admitted under oath at the Gomery Inquiry that he bought $5 million in gun registry contracts from the Federal Justice Department for a bribe of $100,000. Let’s be perfectly clear about this scam, it has nothing to do with the Quebec ADSCAM issue! Considering that the Federal Government hires thousands of private contractors and spends billions doing so in any given year suggests to me that we need an independent controller in every Federal ministry controlling the funds. In my opinion, they should all answer to Sheila Fraser, Canada’s Auditor General and a true Canadian hero. If all the departments were cleaned up, our taxes could probably reduced significantly. You never know, they might be reduced enough that Paul Martin might actually register his ship in Canada and start paying taxes here too.

Deputy Minister Anne McLellan, who was in charge of the Justice Minister when Brault fraudulently acquired the contracts, refuses to comment until the Gomery Inquiry is completed. This is nothing more than another stalling tactic in hope that you will forgive and forget.

Having all just completed our tax returns and seeing all that money going to Ottawa, is like giving the key for the chicken coop to the fox for safekeeping!

As Always…
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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