Recreational Firearms Community
of Saskatchewan
Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
August - 2002
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

The Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan has been working diligently on your behalf and several positive things are happening.

  1. The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) has a date for their court injunction of October 29th. They are asking that they not have to license or register themselves until this court challenge on Treaty Rights vs. Bill C-68 is heard sometime in the distant future. If the court grants the injunction, we are told that it would go a long ways in helping them win their future challenge. Of course, if they are granted the injunction, we would expect the same.

  1. The Auditor General's report is due in November and she will be making a report to Parliament at that time. We look forward to her findings.

  1. Over the summer, we hired a law student who worked with the University of Calgary Political Science Professor Ted Morton. This individual is compiling a legal report for us on where Bill C-68 violates the Canadian Charter of Rights. As we understand it, there is approximately six violations within this act. The report is due in early September and we will be pursuing whatever avenues we can to have these concerns addressed.

  1. Britain is considering a partial lift of their handgun ban after fierce lobbying by Britain's gun community. Some Britains would also like to see there prospects improve at international shooting competitions, with shooters having to leave the country just to practice, their chances are severely hampered.

  1. Our anti-gun Prime Minister has finally decided to step down in 18 months; with any luck it may be sooner. We have sent a letter to Paul Martin asking for a meeting. At this point, it sounds positive that he may see us. This would be our first meeting with a Federal Liberal since this whole fiasco started. We will keep you posted.

This brings us to our next major event, that being our October 5th Fundraising Dinner and Information Night. Our theme is "You Are Not Alone." We have an excellent line of speakers to bring us the latest updates on the firearms issue:

You can not afford to miss this one!!

The fight is really just beginning and it is imperative that we follow it through. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP GOING AND WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE LONG HAUL WITH YOUR SUPPORT.

Get you tickets now! To get your tickets, please contact Colleen at 692-8812. You can also access the RFC web site at for more information. You can also contact me evenings at 773-1326 or e-mail me at if you have questions on the fundraiser or the firearms issue.

As always…

Never Forgive — Never Forget


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