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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
August - 2005

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

I am sure that most of you are aware of the surge in violent crime and shootings in Toronto. Indeed, Canada’s murder rate is up 12% according to recent statistics. So, is gun control really working? The UK totally banned handguns in 1997, in spite of this, their gun crime is up 100% over the past four years and their violent crime is up 69%. Similar statistics are available from Australia, who also have stricter laws than Canada. Yet, the US, who have been relaxing gun laws, have the biggest drop in violent crime and murders.

Getting back to Toronto, one of the solutions being proposed by Toronto and the Federal Government is to lock all the guns up at one central location. Now let me see … registration is not working as the criminals don’t register, but somehow these folks think that the criminals are going to bring their guns into a central locking facility? I am convinced that before you can become a big city eastern politician they drill a small hole in the side of your head and suck all the common sense out!

Let’s not forget Allan Rock’s comment in the House of Commons on February 16, 1995, “Surely we must choke off the sources of supply for that underground market. Surely we must reduce the number of firearms smuggled into the country. Surely we must cut down on the number of firearms stolen and traded in the underground. How do we achieve that? Through registration.” Mr. Rock also went on to say on the same day, “Let us not hear that the registration system will cost $100 per firearm. Let us not contend that it will cost $1.5 billion to put in place. That is the way to distort the discussion. That is the way to frighten people.”

Is it any wonder we are running such a huge debt load and still no sign of any accountability, even in the face of the Gomery inquiry?

In spite of the fact that the Liberals claimed law-abiding firearms owners have nothing to fear, they are now moving towards confiscating all the short-barreled .25 and .32 caliber handguns purchased by licensed owners after 1995. Of course, there will be no compensation!

The only solution to this is to hold the Liberals accountable in the next election!

As Always…
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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