Recreational Firearms Community
of Saskatchewan
Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts

December - 2001
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

Most of you should have received the latest initiative by the RFC of Sask in the mail by now; that being a cover letter, a poster, and a request to hang the poster up wherever you think it will do the most good.  It also included my e-mail address and judging from a few of the responses that I have received, I guess I need to reiterate who the RFC is.

The Recreational Firearms Community (RFC) is a loose-knit coalition of organizations that meet several times a year and plan various strategies to fight Bill C-68.  This coalition includes the following organizations as well as other groups from time to time:

  Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
  Saskatchewan Trappers Association
  Saskatchewan Police Association
  Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
  Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Association
  Saskatchewan Responsible Firearms Owners
  National Firearms Association
  Saskatchewan Handgun Association
  Saskatchewan Association of Firearms Education
  Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers
  Saskatchewan Outfitters Association

I should add that not all groups send a representative to every meeting, every time.  In fact, some groups have been known to pull back from meetings depending on the present agendas and/or initiatives.

The bottom line is that we need to get the posters up and the message out that “Registration Means Confiscation!”  Absolutely every government in every country that has started a firearms registration system has ultimately used that system to confiscate firearms.  CANADA IS NO DIFFERENT!  Bill C-68 contains section 12.6 which ultimately calls for the confiscation, without compensation, of 588 000 legally owned and registered firearms from their Canadian owners.  Most of these firearms are .25 and .32 caliber handguns and handguns with barrels shorter than 4.14 inches.  So when the Federal Government says you have nothing to fear from registering your firearms, consider it an outright lie!!  Owners of these now prohibited firearms did nothing wrong, in fact, they followed all the rules and are legally licensed and registered under existing Canadian Firearms Laws.

The RFC of Sask does not recommend that you either register your firearms or not; however, it does recommend that you wait as long as possible to do so.  Remember, you do not have to register until January 1, 2003 by law, and the most it can cost you is $18 to register all your firearms at that time.  You must also remember that failing to register all your firearms is a criminal offence and you could conceivably lose all your firearms if you are caught with an unregistered one; but you have broken no law until after the January 1, 2003 deadline.  Procrastination is a good thing in this instance, as it gives the RFC of Canada more time to pursue all our options.

Presently, Members of Parliament (MPs) are still being lobbied to include more changes in Bill C-15, which is now before parliament and contains changes to Bill C-68.  Court challenges have either been initiated or are going to be initiated, including a challenge by Canada’s First Nations.

In closing, remember you have a whole year yet to register at a maximum cost to you of $18.  Please spread the word and get your posters up

As always….

Never Forgive – Never Forget

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