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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
December - 2003

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

In early December, Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, in a speech to a packed Canadian Club luncheon stated, “Officers of Parliament and public servants in positions of leadership must be held to account for the prudent management of both their employers and the funds entrusted to them.” She went on to add that taxpayers want credible people running credible departments and agencies.

A few days later, Paul Martin took over as Canada's new Prime Minister and promptly put Anne McLellan back in charge of the gun registry. The same minister who told Canadian taxpayers that “user fees would cover the entire cost of the program.” Not exactly what I would call a confidence builder for change to a more accountable system, which Prime Minister Paul Martin has pledged to!

Martin has said that he is going to clean up wasteful spending and boondoggles so that Canada's Auditor General's reports move from the best seller's list to the “ancient history” section.

In another report, he said with regards to the billion spent on the gun registry that “that money has already been spent” and went on to say that the police supported it.

Apparently, Mr. Martin has a different definition of democracy than I do, because I always thought that the political agenda and the police should be a reflection of the people that they serve. Recent polls show that only 37% of Canadians now support this legislation.

Yes Mr. Martin, you are correct that the billion is already spent, but the government's own figures, according to the access to information, show that another $400 million has been allocated to reach steady state and another $300 million is being set aside to privatize the registry - 34 million which is for another computer system. That is another 0.7billion dollars of new money!

I wonder how the new 34 million-dollar computer system intends to deal with the 250,305 firearms in the system whose serial numbers are the same? As it is, all you can do is pray a firearms bearing the same serial number as yours is not stolen, because if it is, a police officer will be sure to show up at your door to confiscate yours, which is recently what happened in Ontario. Fortunately, in this case, the bewildered man got his firearm back.

In a twisted sense of logic, gun control advocates are touting the recent statistics showing suicides by firearms is down by 303 as proof the gun control works. However, they neglect to point out that suicide by hanging is up by 721 over the same period. Do you suppose that Spock would find this to be “completely illogical.” Perhaps suicide prevention programs that deal with the heart of the matter and not registering inanimate objects would be more beneficial.

On another note, you may want to review your insurance policy with regards to your firearms. SGI has confirmed that they will not pay out for unregistered firearms in spite of the fact that the deadline to register has been extended indefinitely. Other insurance companies have been paying out for both registered and unregistered firearms.

On a positive note, our new Justice Minister, Irwin Cotler, is urging for transparency in the appointment of Supreme Court Judges and promises a review of the system. Maybe there is some hope for something that resembles true democracy in this country yet.

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