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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts

February - 2002
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

Well, things have come full circle once again at the Canadian Firearms Center.  Privatization or “Outsourcing” as the Liberals prefer to call it, is once again at the forefront.  This initiative also includes the lay off of the majority of Area Firearms Officers.  This must be the 3rd or 4th time that they have been issued pink slips only to be rehired on short term contracts.  Should this layoff actually happen this time, Saskatchewan will be down to only four firearms officers; two in Regina and two in Saskatoon leaving rural Saskatchewan high and dry.  Nobody has told us how they intend to do the long gun range certifications, gun show regulations, or minor permits, and I will bet at this point they don’t know either.

Combine the above with the following and I am sure that you will come to the conclusion that I have…Bill C-68 is sinking fast.

-    The court of public opinion continues to move more and more our way as people become more aware
      of Bill C-68 and its implications.

-    More and more people including politicians of every stripe are beginning to question the
      costs verses the benefits of Bill C-68.

-    Licensing of individuals has not been the success that the Liberals would like the public to believe.
      Even their own massaged numbers show a substantial non-compliance rate.  This combined with an
      even lower non-compliance rate on registration effectively makes the system totally unreliable.
      The following testimonial from the Moncton Times on February 25, 2002 on the registration system says it all.

"At first glance it was an excellent, excellent selling feature," says Sackville police officer Ted Doncaster. "A lot of time has passed since then," he adds, chuckling at the irony of a safety feature that police can rely on only at their own peril. "I will say the words. I think we were sucked in."

When officers plead for a sex-offender registry, or a DNA databank of criminals or other proven crime-fighting tools, they are told there is no money available, Doncaster remarked of the gun registry's $700 million cost so far. "That's been a real bone of contention.” (Doncaster heads up the New Brunswick Police Association.)

In a last ditch effort, the CFC has now reworked the registration process into its latest wonder tool “FUZZY LOGIC.”  Doesn’t that conjure up strong feelings of confidence!  It is the old rule, garbage in – garbage out, and from what I have seen of the “fuzzy logic” system, it is going to be far less reliable than the old green slip system for registering handguns, a system the Feds have already admitted does not work.

If you are not smiling yet, consider this:

-      Gun shows here in Saskatchewan and elsewhere are enjoying record attendance by both exhibitors and participants.
-      More court cases are forthcoming on Bill C-68
-      I am told that MPs, particularly Liberals, are sick and tired of the hassle they are getting on Bill C-68!

Keep up the good work and if you feel up to it, write Ralph Goodale with your concerns at:

Hon. Ralph Goodale
Saskatchewan Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa  ON   K1A 0A6
Or e-mail:

If you need more facts, check out Garry Breitkreuz’s website at It contains a wealth of information and is continually updated.

Hats off to Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, who recently won a Special Appreciation Award at the SWF annual convention in February.  Garry was recognized by the SWF membership for his untiring efforts in fighting Bill C-68.  With the invaluable dedication of his assistant Dennis Young, they have spent countless hours and energy educating the public on the ramifications of the costly and ineffective gun control legislation.

Stay tuned!  The RFC of Saskatchewan is planning a big information night/fundraising dinner this fall in Saskatoon.  Be prepared to bring a bus full to what will no doubt be a great evening.

As always…

Never Forgive – Never Forget


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