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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
February - 2003

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

No doubt most of you have heard that the Liberal Gun Control program has been moved from the Justice department to the Solicitor-General under Wayne Easter. This is all part of the new "action plan" which came into being as a result of the Auditor General's scathing report last December.

Hearings are now being heard on the massive cost overruns and the Liberals in their own classic manner are pointing their fingers at everybody else. Even the Auditor General has been accused of using biased advisors and overly colorful language. What kind of language should you use for an overrun of expenses this large? Of course, they continue to point at the provinces for opting out too. It must be nice to be a Liberal Cabinet Minister and "perfect in every way!" You know the saying - "Oh Lord, it is hard to be humble!"

In January, they kept telling us that licensing was the most expensive part and that the costs would go down. Now they say "the cost of the program will increase over the next two years due to extra transition costs." Increase to the tune of 541.4 million?that is another 1/2 billion!

Now let me see? In 1995, they said it would cost taxpayers 2 million that turned into 1 billion, so what does a cost estimate of 541.4 million really escalate into?

Oh yeah, and no full accounting of real costs until 2005. How anybody of sound mind could support these statistics baffles me to no end!

They actually plan to send parliamentarians out across the country at your expense on a fact-finding mission on how the registry could be better run. I say take the cotton batten out of your ears! We have been telling you for years and nobody listens. So how much is this endeavor going to cost us? You know darn well it is not in the 1/2 billion dollar budget!

They even plan to streamline costs by merging 2 of the 4 processing centers. HELLO OTTAWA? IS ANYBODY HOME! You can't get it through to them now with 4 centers, so let's cut it in half so we can deliver better service to Canadians as promised by Minister Cauchon. Grey matter is clearly still leaking profusely!

No mention in any of the latest Federal studies on how they plan to deal with the upcoming court challenges by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and Nunavut. The fact that it is unconstitutional and will likely be struck down in the courts is apparently irrelevant, and nothing out of the ordinary from this government that simply makes up the rules as it goes.

Other First nations have entered into the fray too and are now issuing their own firearm licenses in Central BC and have challenged the government to charge them. However, there have been no changes to date.

Today as I write this, the Liberal Government is asking for another $170 million. They were too embarrassed to ask for $72 million in December, but are now unabashed in asking for another $170 million today. As usual, they expect Canadians to "Forgive & Forget"!

Spending is continuing at nearly a million dollars a day right now. To put this in perspective for all your non-gun owning friends and relatives, take a little survey to find out how many people in your circle have been injured or killed by firearms. Now ask how many friends and relatives are on waiting lists or can't get proper medical care. On the John Gormley show (Talk Back Sask) he noted that 20,000 people were waiting for surgery in Saskatchewan alone. Here in Swift Current, we need a new Regional Hospital estimated to cost 25 million. For one billion, we could build 40 of them across the country. Canadians clearly are not receiving fair value for their tax dollars and it is particularly disconcerting when you consider the Liberals balanced the budget by taking 25 BILLION out of health care and kept the GST cash cow which they had promised to scrap. No wonder they can make gun control with its massive cost overruns their top priority! If any of this concerns you at all, you should contact any or all of you MPs. You can find their e-mail addresses on the following website -

Leadership hopeful for the Federal Progressive Conservative Party, Peter MacKay, in an open letter to Canadians soliciting new members mentions the issue of gun control twice on his opening page. It is encouraging to see more and more MPs in opposition to gun control. Even Liberal backbenchers have been very vocal as of late.

If you were one of the individuals who mailed in your registration before December 31 because you could not get on the free internet site and you did not send any money, you will likely be contacted by the CFC requesting that you pay $18.00. You should be aware that registration for those who sent in a "letter of intent" is once again free on the internet, so you may want to seriously consider telling them you will re-register on the internet to avoid the $18.00 fee.

If your FAC is now expiring, you will need to renew your license (PAL). You do not have to take the safety course, simply check the alternative certification box and write in that you took the 10-question exam at your local RCMP detachment (e.g. Alternative Certification RCMP Swift Current).

FIREARMS FEES REGULATIONS PART 1 - Individuals 5. If an individual holds a firearm acquisition certificate issued under the former Act and makes an application for a license described in column 1 of item 1 of Part 1 of Schedule 1 or in item 3 of Part 2 of that Schedule on or after July 1, 2000, the fee payable for that license is reduced by (a) $10 if the expiry date of the firearm acquisition certificate falls during the period beginning on October 1, 2000 and ending on September 30, 2001; (b) $20 if the expiry date of the firearm acquisition c certificate falls during the period beginning on October 1, 2001 and ending on September 30, 2002; and (c) $30 if the expiry date of the firearm acquisition certificate falls during the period beginning on October 1, 2002 and ending on September 30, 2003.

You should include this reference to the Act with your application (Section 5 of the Firearms Act Regulations under Firearms Fees Regulations of the Act). If you have already sent in $ 60 you should apply for a refund. Don't hesitate to contact your MP either.

As Always
Never Forgive, Never Forget


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