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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
February 2011

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

I'm sure most of you have heard about the 10 year old that was abducted in Alberta last week. The perpetrator, a known pedophile, was stopped for speeding during his getaway.

The RCMP officer issued him a speeding ticket and let him and the youth go. I'm sure you are all comforted to know that while he was stopped, the police did an automatic check to see if he was a legal firearm owner, of course it came back negative as a pedophile would never get a firearms license. That's the beauty of our now two billion dollar Liberal Gun Control scheme; it only tracks the people who have already deemed to be no threat to society. Wouldn't it make more sense to track the known criminals, have a sex offender registry and have the police computers do an automatic scan for that? I guess I must have been in a different line up when they handed out the common sense brain cells! Why the Chiefs of Police and the opposition parties continue to support this ludicrous scheme with our tax dollars is beyond me. If you agree, let your MP know how you feel.

Meanwhile it appears that the Chiefs of Police are living up to their threat to get even with firearm owners for pushing to get rid of the long gun registry. We have been told that the chiefs have told their men to step up enforcement and indications are that this is happening, including pushing regulations on gun show hosts. Not only did the chiefs get involved politically during the debate where they do not belong, they are now abusing their powers out of spite! I will qualify that by saying that any piece of legislation that still needs to have a whipped vote after more than 15 years on the books clearly shouldn't be law in a democratic society! The only solution I see to this issue is to move towards provincial police forces that answer to the province so we can have policing that reflects the will of the people. Police who answer to Ottawa will never be a good thing because and you've heard it here before "The only good thing that comes out of the east is the sun!"

The pendulum may be swinging slightly back to the right as the Conservative government is now proposing a law to protect citizens who have been making citizen's arrests and using limited force to protect their property. As it stands now, police and prosecutors are all too quick to charge the victim with offences for this, which is totally unjustified.

We have been told that Saskatchewan Justice is willing to meet with us to discuss our issues - which means we need the province to honor its commitment to opt out of enforcement and administration of the Liberal Gun Control law C-68.

I'll keep you posted as we go.

As usual
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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