Recreational Firearms Community
of Saskatchewan
Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
January - 2003

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

As I write this report, I can't help but giggle as I think back on how things have changed since the Auditor General's Report came out.

Suddenly, the firearms community has credibility and the Government of Canada, the Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Police Association and the Coalition for Gun Control find themselves scrambling to maintain theirs!

Defending the undefendable Bill C-68 has become a real life sized problem.

The sad part of this fiasco is that there really is no new news and everything that has been presented lately is just a rehash of what the firearms community and Garry Breitkreuz have been saying all along.  The good news is that the media has finally realized that they were lied to and the majority of the media is now presenting the facts mostly based on Breitkreuz's access to info requests, and not the biased manipulated slurs of the Government and the Coalition for Gun Control.  Even the Quebec media has woken up after Ed Hudson, Jim Turnbull, Joe Gingrich and others burned their firearms registrations, etc., in Montreal.

Polls now show the majority of Canadians want the registry scrapped.  The tide has turned, but the war is not yet won.  It is imperative that each and every one of you keep up the pressure on your MPs and MLAs.

Document the time, the event, the name of the person you talk to and the result of any dealings you have had with the CFC, and any problems should be addressed with your MP immediately.  Include Ralph Goodale in any correspondence to your own MP, as he is the only Liberal Cabinet Minister in Saskatchewan.

Hon. Ralph Goodale
House of Commons
Parliament Building
Ottawa  ON   K1N 0A6
Ph: (613) 996-4743
Fax: (613) 996-9790
E-mail: Goodale.R@parl.gc.c

The CFC is broke, and are presently stealing money from other departments to stay alive, in direct violation of their promise that they would be transparent after the Auditor General's Report.  As of January 1, the CFC was to go private, but without the passage of Bill C-10 which gave them the authority to do so, and the fact that they did not get their $72 million, they have been forced to rehire all their people in Miramachi, NB at great expense to the tax payers.  The resulting overload brought about the "letter of intention" which was spun by them (the Feds) to be done on our behalf, but was really done out of necessity for them.  At any rate we all have a 6-month "grace period" as a result.

In the meantime a number of people have presented themselves to police for arrest as they have not registered, nor do they intend to.  Police in every case have refused to press charges re non-registration, so at this point we have no consequences for non-registration as a criminal offense.

Between now and the end of the grace period, the Government has a lot of hurdles, all very expensive for the tax payer to overcome, the major ones being:

  1. The FSIN Court Challenge
  2. The Inuit Court Challenge
  3. The issue of privatization and the resources for it
  4. The mounting opposition which now includes the majority of Canadians
  5. The large number of non-compliance
  6. The media which now prints the facts without bias
  7. The outright defiance by firearms owners at large, and some high profile players like the Alberta MLA Doug Griffiths and Oscar Lacombe, former body guard to Alberta Premier Lougheed, and Sergeant at Arms for the Alberta Legislature, which will eventually lead to more court challenges.
  8. A faulty computer system that needs upgrading
  9. Another independent audit called by Federal Justice Minister Cauchon
  10. An eventual cost benefit audit

We are winning, but you must not back off now.  Letters to the Editor are very effective and you can get the facts for them from our web site at or

Smile, and as always
Never Forgive, Never Forget


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