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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
January - 2005

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Last month I reported how the Government, with the help of the Bloc, voted to give the CFC another $96 million in December, in spite of their election promise to hold spending at $25 million annually. That money only gets them to the next budget, which is expected in March. However, it appears that they are up to their old tricks of hiding the costs in other departments, as they also allocated another $42 million to address the criminal use of guns under the Ministry of Public Safety. Some things never change and this Government seems to have the edge when it comes to lies and deceit.

Mr. Martin has also failed Canadians on the issue of health care, which he said in the last election was the main issue of Canadians and one he promised to address. A report issued by the Canadian Institute of Health Information shows that Canada’s supply of MRI machines per capita is well below that of other western nations. The report states that Canadians wait an average of 47 days for non-emergency MRIs, which is up from 39 days two years earlier. MRI machines cost $3 million each. The budget for gun control was $119 million for 2004-05, plus the latest $96 million, plus the $42 million in the Public Safety Ministerial account. That is a lot of MRI machines!!

If you thought that the average Canadian was coming up a little short on the health care, consider this … The Federal Government spends roughly twice as much on Federal inmates as it does on the average Canadian on the outside.

The phrase from the old song “I owe my soul to the company store” has taken on a whole new meaning here in Canada.

An election is coming sooner than later. Let’s hope that the rest of Canada holds the Government accountable this time. Make sure that you and all your acquaintances get out and vote.

Until then…
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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