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January - 2008

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Good news from the Canadian Government, from a News Release issued November 16, 2007:

Government of Canada reintroduces Bill to abolish the wasteful long-gun registry

Today in the House of Commons, the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, re-introduced important legislative amendments to eliminate the requirement for Canadians to register their non-restricted firearms.

“Our Government has made a commitment to repeal the long-gun registry and we are following through on our promise,” said Minister Day. “These legislative amendments will allow us to continue focusing on more effective measures to tackle crime and keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals. Our goal is to provide law enforcement with the tools and resources they need to combat gun violence and other serious crimes.”

These proposed amendments will support the Government's overall strategy to tackle violent crime and keep our families and communities safe. This bill would:

Gun control measures in Canada continue to include the requirement for gun owners to undergo a background check, pass a firearms safety training course, and hold a valid firearms licence before being able to acquire and possess firearms and to acquire ammunition.

These requirements, in addition to enhanced screening measures announced in Budget 2007, will help to maintain public safety for all Canadians. Individuals will also continue to be required to register prohibited and restricted firearms, such as handguns.

Our police officers will continue to be able to determine who is and is not in legal possession of firearms through a quick check of the Canadian Police Information Centre.

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