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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
July/August - 2003

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Last month, I reported that the Solicitor General's office, under Wayne Easter, was going to take over the administration of Bill C-68 on April 1, 2003. At approximately the same time, the government was poised to pass 1/2 of Bill C-10, which contained amendments to C-68 and has been floating around Ottawa in one form or another for over two years now. At this point, the Federal Government learned that the Solicitor General had no authority to administer Bill C-68, so Bill C-10 was pulled presumably to make the required amendments, but amendments would require debate in the house and more embarrassment for the government. Not to worry, King Jean to the rescue and with the stroke of a pen, an "order in council" was created and the Solicitor General inherits Bill C-68 and all its problems. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Wayne Easter's office! In spite of promises made to parliament, the Auditor General and the Canadian public to be open and accountable, the government continues to hide and manipulate the facts.

To ad insult to injury, it was just recently announced that the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (cow registry), which tracks approximately 25 million cows and has a 95% compliance rate, is working very efficiently for a total cost of less than 4 million dollars.

How could this possibly be? Especially considering the system is federally monitored. Well let's see. The agricultural community has had to learn how to deal with ever-increasing costs and in a lot of cases decreasing revenues for decades now. In comparison, the Federal Government in particular has simply reached into the tax payers pocket deeper and deeper and when that runs out, start up a new tax grab like say the GST. Taxpayers and private business must account for every penny, or face the wrath of the government tax collection agency. In comparison, the government is totally incapable of accounting for where the billion dollars has gone on Bill C-68. Perhaps we should all send in letters of intent rather than pay our income tax, with a little note attached saying when you can account for where you are spending our money, we would be more than happy to pay our taxes!

If you have not been insulted enough yet, please sit down. We have now learned that the Federal Liberals gave the Coalition for Gun Control a grant for $380,600 last August. The Coalition in return hired professional lobbyists to lobby the government to maintain their gun control program. So, the Prime Minister forces MPs to vote the way he wants them to and then uses your tax money to lobby himself for what he wants. It is true? Jean Chretien is a big believer in democracy as long as it conforms to his agenda! But alas? I don't expect any changes in the foreseeable future as Canadians are just far too passive of a people.

Frankly, this government is getting to be a big embarrassment in my opinion, but I am sure not nearly embarrassed as it is for the 25 unarmed soldiers in Afghanistan that have to rely on the German soldiers to protect them because Ottawa didn't get the paperwork (registration) done in allowing them to carry firearms. Ottawa apparently is not even concerned about this, but if you as an individual fail to do your paperwork for your firearms, then you are immediately branded a criminal.

Well, the Solicitor General has said they intend to consult with Canadians and make the necessary changes required to the flawed gun control bill. It would appear at this point that it is all smoke and mirrors. We sent a letter to the Prime Minister's office more than 2 months ago asking how and where we could be part of this consultation process and to date the best they have been able to do is recognize receipt of the letter.

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations hope to have their appeal asking for an interim injunction to be heard this fall and the court case seeking exempt ion of Bill C-68 in the spring of 2004. Their injunction was initially turned down by the courts last year. However, the people of Nunavit were granted their injunction after the initial FSIN case. To my knowledge the date for the Inuit court case has not been set yet, however their injunction exempts them from having to license or register until the court determines if they are exempt under their land claim agreement.

We met with the new Saskatchewan Justice Minister, Eric Cline, on April 29. He seemed very receptive and asked his people to do a brief for him on all the problems Saskatchewan people are having trying to comply with this legislation. He reiterated that they have opted out of enforcement and administration and agreed in concept that it was not in the best interest of Saskatchewan people to prosecute people for paper crimes of non-registration or non-licensing. We have agreed to work together to see if we can get a meeting with Mr. Easter to address all our concerns.

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