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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
March - 2002
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

The Canadian Firearms Center continues to make the headlines, albeit not exactly the way they would like to see it.  Here are a few of the latest:

1. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation recently honored the Canadian Firearms Center (aka the gun registry) with the Best Western Comedy since Blazing Saddles.  The reason for this illustrious award include the massive over expenditures, licenses with wrong pictures, duplicate registration certificates, and the loss of 38,269 gun owners.

2. The loss of 38,000 gun owners is more than significant; it was the biggest failing in the old handgun registry and is escalating into an even bigger problem now.  Consider that mandatory licensing has barely been with us for a year and they have already lost a significant number, in fact 10’s of thousands, leaves no doubt that it is once again a dismal failure.

3. No doubt many of you have now heard about the infamous soldering gun registry.  Well, it is true that the CFC accepts soldering guns and heat guns and have now issued registration certificates for both to a Manitoba man.  Of course, I am sure that the Canadian Police Association is proud of their registry system that they were so eager to support, as they can now add these dangerous tools to their confiscation lists.

Kudu’s to the FSIN who are not prepared to wait the 8-12 years that is now expected for their challenge to move through the courts.  They have asked for a court injunction stating that they should not have to register any firearms until the challenge determines the legality of Bill C-68 vs. treaty rights.  We are led to believe that if their injunction is granted, it goes along way to their final argument.

In case you have forgot, the last court challenge by the Provincial Government’s only asked the question of jurisdiction.  Of course, if the FSIN are granted their injunction, we would expect the same privileges, anything less would be considered racist.

If you have had the misfortune of long waits and runarounds when dealing with the CFC, the RFC strongly recommends you contact your local MP with your concerns.

As always…

Never Forgive – Never Forget

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