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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
March - 2007

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

You have all heard or read how Britain banned all handguns in an effort to cub crime with handguns and as a result handgun possession has been the “in thing” and Britain now has more handguns in the country than preban days. Well, I guess they don’t learn very well from their mistakes because they are now preparing a total ban on swords. Of course, the results will be the same, legislating law abiding folks, the only ones who comply with laws has always had a zero net effect on criminal activity and always will.

Ironically, a retired British Chief Inspector was given a swiss army knife as a retirement gift and he took it on a hiking trip in Spain where he was subsequently arrested and charged for possessing a knife in public for no good reason. What is this world coming to?

The Liberal provincial government of Ontario continues on his antifirearm campaign. Thunder Bay police used an obscure section of the criminal code to seize firearms from a private home in that city reports the Thunder Bay ChronicleJournal. Six firearms were seized and 14 charges laid, however no other information is available.

The Ontario government is stooping even lower in their efforts to prosecute an Ontario gunsmith who is challenging the constitution of Bill C68. Bruce Montague, who has no criminal record and used to repair firearms for both the provincial conservation officers and police will be in court this month in an effort to strike down the gun law. The Attorney General of Ontario is playing very low ball as they are trying to confiscate his home under another obscure law that allows this under what is called “proceeds of crime.” As a result, Montague is unable to mortgage his home to help pay for his defense. However, you can help him and follow the case by going to

The Liberal government of Jean Charest in Quebec is also looking to increase gun control if it is re-elected. Charest says owners of semi-auto firearms will no longer be able to store them at home, if he gets his way. He also went on to suggest that he may re-negotiate jurisdiction of gun control with the Federal government so that Quebec would have its own system.

Jurisdiction is exactly what the Province on Saskatchewan and others took to the Federal government to court for when Bill C68 first came into force. The Liberal appointed judges of the day in a split decision gave jurisdiction to the Federal government.

The Harper government has solicited input from the provincial justice ministers on what changes they would like to see on the firearms act. Saskatchewan made no response at all, when in reality it should have asked for jurisdiction to be returned to them as that is what they spent Saskatchewan taxpayer money to achieve in the first place. If you are talking to your local MLA, you may be able to ask him about why they are not pursuing this. (For a listing of Saskatchewan MLA's go to

On another note, $84 million has been budgeted as operating funds for the Canadian Firearms Center. I hope you are feeling much safer as a result!

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