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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
March - 2008

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

As most of you are no doubt aware, the Conservatives have postponed the UN’s gun marking system until December 1, 2009, but you may not be aware that the presidents of the Canadian Police Association, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Association of Police Boards have all come out in opposition to scrapping this initiative. You have to wonder who is writing the script for these guys. Apparently, tracking firearms through the registry system is not good enough and now they seem to think that by spending millions more adding another mark to a firearm will somehow help them. If the government goes through with this they had better take the money out of the police budgets!

Home inspections are about to start in Ontario, starting with senior citizens. The Firearms Act provides for a firearms officer, designated in writing by the Chief Firearms Officer, the authority to conduct inspections in certain circumstances, including where the inspector believes on reasonable grounds that there is a firearms collection, a prohibited firearm or more than 10 firearms. Where the inspection involves a dwelling house, the Firearms Act requires the inspector provide reasonable notice and obtain the occupant’s consent. The Firearms Act also requires the owner or person in charge of a place to give the inspector reasonable assistance to enable him to carry out the inspection.

The following guidelines will be used in conducting inspections:  

This initiative will be fought hard in Ontario, however, if they get their way, you can bet it will come to other jurisdictions. I urge you to contact your MP regarding this blatant violation of your rights.

The Conservative bill to scrap the registry has been introduced into the House, but it is very unlikely it will get any further in this minority government situation. The amnesty regarding the nonregistration of nonrestricted firearms runs out May 16, 2008. If the Tories are serious about scrapping the registry, and I believe they are, they will have to extend that amnesty again.

There are over 100,000 individuals, mostly seniors, whose possession only licenses have expired. Once they expire, you cannot renew a POL, so you must take the test and get a PAL. Most seniors who have had a firearm all of their life refuse and, as Shakespeare said, “There lies the rub.” The solution is just to issue PALs, but the legislature doesn't allow it, which I believe is exactly what the Liberals wanted in hopes that these folks would give up their guns. However, most of them dug in their heels and the Liberals and the Bloc refuse to allow changes to the Act. So now, we have 100,000 new criminals with gray hair for the police to track while the guys they should be concerned with carry on their business with unregistered firearms.

“When seconds count Police are just minutes away.”

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