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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
May - 2003

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

The Federal Liberals continue to brag up their "culture of safety" program, but you really have to wonder where exactly their priorities are in light of the recent brutal slaying of 10 year old Holly Jones in Toronto. The investigation has so far revealed over 200 sex offenders in her neighborhood alone, yet the government continues to drag its feet and muddle around with a half-baked legislative proposal that will only register newly charged sex offenders. In short, it will not include known previously convicted felons because the government believes that this violates their civil liberties and may cause potential challenges under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Huh! Furthermore, registration of sex offenders will not be mandatory. Sexual predators can also appeal to the courts to have their name excluded and sexual predators that immigrate to Canada are automatically excluded.

So let me see?all firearms owners are considered criminals under the Liberal gun law; however, you can escape criminal prosecution charges by getting licensing for yourself and registering your guns. Believe it or not, this means the government is legalizing a criminal activity through licensing and registration. Criminal code offenses were intended to be for heinous crimes, not for lack of paperwork. This is why it was challenged by the provinces. Property rights are considered to be provincial jurisdiction covered under regulatory law, not the criminal code.

To add insult to injury, the billion-dollar registry only tracks the good guys. Those that are deemed unfit to own firearms fall into the same category as non-firearms owners. Not only is the registration of known sex offenders not mandatory (many of whom will repeat again), they don't have to report a change in their address if they move. Once again, firearms owners in the system (the good guys) must inform the government of any moves within 30 days or face up to two years in jail.

Toronto's top cop, Chief Julian Fantino sums it up like this, "Ottawa has sunk a billion dollars into the gun registry and is preparing to pass legislation to decriminalize possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana. Yet a national registry of sex offenders continues to take a back seat," Fantino said. "They're out of touch with reality and in no way, shape or form does that make sense at a time when we're so critically driven by our need to provide enhanced safety and security, especially to our vulnerable people -- children."

On another note, the deadline to register your firearms for those who sent in a "letter of intent" is June 30. This applies to everyone except the people of Nunavut, who are so far deemed to be exempt from this legislation. So much for being considered equal before and under the law.

It is clear that the government of the day believes that pedophiles have rights that must be protected, firearms owners should be considered criminals without any rights, and certain groups can be exempted from criminal legislation.

Is this the type of law you want for Canada? You be the judge!!

As usual
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