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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
May 2011

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

It's true, I am suffering from sore feet from doing the "HAPPY DANCE" with a Conservative majority! We are assured that, at the very minimum, the long gun registry is gone. However, as you are all aware, there is a lot more to the Liberal gun control law than a long gun registry. We also know that Vic Toews is still the Public Safety Minister, so we will be able to get right back to work with him. It wouldn't hurt for you folks to be talking to your local MP's and reminding them that we expect them to move forward with this legislation in a timely manner. Having said that, I for one am willing to take my time to ensure we do it right the first time, as we have the time now with the majority.

We will also be working closely with the provincial government with regards to this issue, as Saskatchewan is an opt-out province and we will need to revisit our position to ensure Saskatchewan residents get the best deal possible. We have requested a meeting already, and are waiting to set up a date and time as I write this.

Nobody should feel sorry for the Liberals, as they got their comeuppance! You can't make all the noise they did about scrapping the GST and then flip flop when they got into power., steal taxpayer's money through the Sponsorship Scandal (goodbye Quebec), introduce the National Energy Program (goodbye Alberta) and ram gun control down rural Canada's throat, and make criminals out of ordinary citizens (goodbye rural Canada), and expect to survive.

So the best I can do right now is ask you all to be patient as we work towards a satisfactory ending in this long battle we have had. Hopefully by the time I do my next report I will have more details, however I believe this is going to take awhile to do properly.

On another note, we have heard that both the Ontario and Quebec provincial governments have been asking for the registry records, to start their own system I assume! I doubt this will happen, however Ontario continues to harass firearm owners at every opportunity as their present Liberal provincial government is very anti firearm. At least here in Saskatchewan they have not resorted to these measures, so we should be grateful for that!

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