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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts

November - 2001
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

It is December now and the Federal Government should be initiating their mailout for free registration by the time you get this.  It will include another carrot to have you register all your firearms early and it will be free.  “Thanks, but no thanks!” says NFA President, Jim Hinter and all the RFC across Canada concurs.  Delaying registration until the December 31, 2002 deadline and possibly paying a maximum of $18.00 is a small price to pay for freedom is also the message from Gary Breitkreuz, Canadian Alliance MP from Yorkton, Sask.

Personally, I believe registration will ultimately be free till the deadline and I base this on the CFC’s track record of continual postponements and additional carrots!  Please spread the word around that procrastination is a good thing!

Bill G-42 is now in the house, the latest in a recent series of antiterrorism bills.  In it includes the following subsection:

14.  (1) For the purpose of ensuring compliance with this Act and the regulations, an inspector may, subject to subsection (5), at any reasonable time enter and inspect any factory, magazine, vehicle or other place in which the inspector believes on reasonable grounds any explosive is being manufactured, tested, stored, sold or transported, any restricted component is being stored or sold, any inexplosive ammunition component is being stored or transported, or any fireworks are being or are intended to be used, …

Sound familiar?

Clearly, the government likes the power of being able to enter any place without a warrant and has once again expanded its power of search and seizure.

It is not all bad news, at least not south of the border where the events of September 11 have really changed the mind set.  Gun retailers, regulatory agencies and safety instructors have all experienced a sharp increase in activity.  Many purchasers are women and first-time owners who used to be anti-gun.

Isn’t it ironic that our government continues its anti-gun agenda, while supporting the US and others who wield firearms on our behalf.

Never has it been more obvious that guns are not the problem, evil people with evil intentions are, considering that the September 11 attacks were carried out successfully with no firearms.

Your next Outdoor Edge issue will contain a full page add on firearm registration and ultimately confiscation.  Don’t be afraid to photocopy it and post it elsewhere or call Colleen at the SWF office for a full-sized poster.

As always….

Never Forgive – Never Forget

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