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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
November - 2005

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Heads up! We have learned that certain individuals in New Brunswick have been going door to door posing as firearms inspectors and requesting to see registration certificates for firearms. If the guns are unregistered they seize the firearm. Do not allow anyone into your house or give out any information without seeing proper ID and a search warrant.

The Liberals have lost track of nearly 12,000 firearms owners whose license renewals were returned in the mail. The irony of this is that no effort is ever made to track the dangerous offenders whose firearms licenses are revoked.

A recent poll showed 82% are in favor of scrapping the registry.

The major computer contracts issued by the CFC total over $527 million to date and is still not working!

The CFC is now issuing registered letters to owners of section 12.6 handguns, which are not grandfathered owners, advising them that they can no longer possess them after December 31, 2005. In short, they are confiscating these guns without compensation, in spite of the fact that Parliament grandfathered these individuals under Bill C10A. If you find yourself in this position, call me as a court challenge has been initiated. Do not give up your firearm. We hope to have an interim injunction by mid-December. You can follow this fight at

On another note, we have been told that the Liberals are polling now on the idea of banning all handguns and may make it part of their election platform.

The Liberal surveillance bill will be on hold now with the election call. This legislation requires the telecommunication companies to “build in” the capacity to intercept your e-mails, web-surfing and telephone calls. You may want to bring this up with your candidate if you value your privacy.

You should also be aware that if you let your Possession Only License (POL) expire, you have to take the Federal course or challenge the exam to get yourself relicensed.

It is election time, so make sure your voice is heard. Lawn signs “Remember Bill C-68” are still available. Call Central Office if you want some sent out.

As Always…
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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