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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
October - 2002
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

The past couple of months have been very hectic for me as I try to balance family life, the gun fight, and hunt at every opportunity. Fortunately for me, my 2 youngest daughters enjoy hunting, so we have been able to spend some quality time afield, and address part of my family time/hunting jointly. Lucky me!

We held a very successful Fundraiser/Information Night in Saskatoon on October 5, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved, including the volunteers, speakers and general public who attended. A very special thank you from the organizing committee for the hard work and dedication to our cause that Colleen Moore has done not only on this event but over the long term your efforts have not gone unnoticed and the firearms community at large owes you a big thank you.

As a direct result of the fundraiser, we were able to meet with Sask. Justice Minister Chris Axworthy on October 24th. We are now jointly working with Sask. Justice and other groups on three more possible challenges to C-68. Details will be provided as they unfold.

These initiatives will follow on the heels of 2 court challenges already in motion. The Federation of Sask. Indian Nations' challenge is in court today, October 29, as I write this report. And the challenge by the Nunavut people is still to come. Interestingly we have been told that the Liberals have been lobbying Nunavut very hard to drop the challenge, however we are very glad to hear that this is not going to happen, as they are very adamant about taking the Feds to court. I also just read an e-mail from them where the government of the North-West Territories has reiterated its opposition to C-68 and was very adamant that they would not help the Feds in any way, shape, or form with the legislation. You should be aware that the only 2 firearms officers in Nunavut have quit that department, leaving no one to administer C-68 in the whole territory!

I also just received notification that an Ontario police officer called the CFC and asked what firearms he had regist ered to himself. The person on the other end then proceeded to tell him over the phone what firearms he owned. This information was given after the officer gave only his name and address SO MUCH FOR SECURITY!. The Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters is pursuing this obvious breach of privacy.

Remember when the Liberals sold C-68 as a "Culture of Safety"? Well it seems our new Fed. Justice Minister Cauchon says its intent was to reduce the number of guns in Canada. Could it be the Liberals are now more willing to admit C-68 is about confiscation as we approach the registration deadline?

You should also be aware that the Feds have now cut all funding to SAFE (Sask. Assoc. of Firearms Education). As a result, SAFE will no longer have the contract to deliver the CFC course. No doubt the Feds will be contracting individual instructors to deliver (privatize) the course. The RFC of Sask would recommend that these instructors te ll the Feds to pound sand! AT NO TIME has the Federal Government, either through the CFC or political circles, made any effort to work with the Firearms Community, in spite of the fact that we have approached them to do just that on many occasions.

Remember in the past they have tried to resolve problems by throwing money at it, well it's clear now the well has gone dry, and the Auditor General's Report is coming out in November. C-68 continues to crumble. They are going to pri vatize on January 9th in an effort to breathe life back into it. We expect problems will escalate under privatization!

And this now just hot off the Library of Parliament Press: "Gun owners not an identifiable risk Group", says the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, therefore no increase in premiums, as gun owners are not considered a liability. In spite of this, the press continues to demonize gun owners.

The RFC of Sask. would like to know about anyone who is charged for not having a licence or registration certificate. We need factual information not rumor. Contact me at home @ 773-1326 or @

Remember, C-68 was put in place by Jean Chretien. He told his MP's how to vote, appointed a Liberal majority in the Senate to ensure passage, and the PM also appoints the Supreme Court Judges. The Supreme Court has said that you do not have a right to own a f irearm, at the same time the courts have said that you have the right to own child pornography, the right to vote from a Federal penitentiary, including murderers, and in Western Canada only, you do not have the right to sell your own grain. ISN'T DEMOCRACY WONDERFUL!

As usual,
Never Forgive, Never Forget


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