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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
October - 2006

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

With the latest school shooting, we are once again hearing calls for stricter gun control and/or total gun bans. Let’s take a step back and all imagine we are in what the anti-firearms community believes to be a perfect world with no guns. In the case of the Dawson school shooting, if no firearms were available, that still leaves us with Kimveer Gill, an individual bent on destruction and death, and one who carefully planned his deadly actions. Does anyone believe that if there was no guns Gill would have done nothing? I would suggest that this is highly unlikely!

In the UK after the Dunblane shooting, politicians there banned all handguns. Today, there are more handguns than ever. However, authorities have no idea where the handguns are. Owning a handgun is now a status symbol on the streets. To add insult to injury, crime rates are going higher. In spite of this, a lot of Canadians still think that we should all be disarmed. Imagine the hay-day the criminals would have knowing that average citizens are defenseless and must wait for police to show up to defend them, assuming that they were able to contact the police in the first place. Maybe that is why crime is up in all jurisdictions that have gun bans.

Why is it that we as Canadians accept the fact without question that armored truck guards can carry guns to protect our money, but the idea of carrying guns to protect human life is a non-starter? Obviously society puts more value on money than human life!

On another note, the shooting sports inject 1.5 billion GBP or 3.15 billion Canadian into the UK’s economy, per year. While our population is much lower, I am told ours is over one billion per year. Hardly a figure worth sneering at or flushing away, as the anti’s would have us do.

Let’s hope the politicians focus their attention on the root causes of crime and abnormal behavior rather than an inanimate object, in this case, guns.

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