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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts
September/October - 2004

Greg Illerbrun, RFCSask Chairmam

Well, the election has come and gone and we still have the fox guarding the chicken coop. The Liberals remain steadfast against making any positive changes to their gun control position in spite of their pre-election promise to address the “irritants”.

When we met personally with Prime Minister Martin, we discussed the issue of training in some detail. We pointed out to him that the Federal Government had basically taken the majority of the firearms training provisions out of the provincial course and made it their own. However, in the process, they left the province with the Hunter Safety part of the program. The end result was two levels of government delivering what was once a single course. Common sense would suggest that there should only be one course with the other level of government recognizing it. Mr. Martin agreed with us on this issue, but after another expensive review by Minister Guarnieri nothing happened.

As a result, the taxpayers are paying at both ends. Firearms instructors are forced to deliver two separate programs and students are subjected to all that goes with this. Obviously, the Liberals are not prepared to address the “irritants” as promised, but are more than prepared to waste taxpayers dollars creating “irritants” to discourage firearms ownership.

Remember, when this all started we predicted that it would cost a billion dollars. The Liberals said we were fear mongering and Allan Rock suggested that if the bill went to $150 million he would scrap it. Allan Rock went on to be the Minister of Health, where he told the public there was no more money for health care. Mr. Martin suggested that health care was the #1 issue for Canadians in the past election. Mr. Martin slashed health care by billions as Finance Minister, but was somehow able to find what is now reported to be approaching $2 billion for gun control.

The only checks and balances in place in Ottawa today is an election, and the people have put the fox back in charge of the chicken coop. To say that this leaves me a little perplexed is an understatement!

The Liberals have promised to cut expenses from over $100 million/year to $25 million/year on this issue. That will never happen without the cooperation between all levels of government and the general public, starting with the Federal Government. I am not holding my breath.

Next issue, I will report on other ways that the government could be saving your money, which we discussed in some detail with them in their last review.

Until then…
Never Forgive - Never Forget

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