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Greg Illerbrun-Bringing You The Facts

September - 2001
Greg Illerbrun, SWF Provincial Firearms Chairman

Admitted costs by the government for Bill C-68 are now $535 million yet;

“ There is no more money for healthcare – Unless we were to make cuts to other programs”.  That is the message federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Stephane Dion gave to the provincial Premiers on August 3, 2001.

Dion went on to say that he wished that the Premiers had brought specific proposals for programs that they would cut in order to have additional funding for healthcare.  Jean Chretien, the following day, stated that Dion was speaking for the Liberal government.

Stephane Dion and Jean Chretien are asking for help!

Let us help them, and our Provincial Premiers!  There is a program that has cost an estimated $500 million – the Firearms Act!  We don’t even know how much this program has actually cost.  The government hides the full costs under cabinet secrecy and “oversight” committees.

We do know that last year, alone, $347 million was spent!

When this boondoggle was first proposed it was going to cost $85 million over 5 years to run.

The most important task is up to you!


Firearm owners and taxpayers, grab pen and paper, your Provincial Premier needs to hear from you.  Right Now!  Tell your Premier want YOU want to see done!  Tell him; “Put the money being spent on the flawed Firearms Act into healthcare!”

Write to:
Premier Lorne Calvert MLA
Legislative Building
Regina  SK   S4S 0B3
Ph: 306-787-9636
Fax: 306-787-8299

***Excerpt taken from article “Guns or Healthcare” which is written and promoted by the National Firearms Association (NFA).

Clearly, the frustration being experienced by the Federal Government is beginning to show.  They have now raided the Recreational Firearms Community of BC head office under a violation of the Elections Act.  No charges have been laid yet, but it shows that they are prepared for heavy-handed action to eliminate opposition.

At the same time, they are mailing registration forms to the Maritimes only, with an incentive – register your guns by November 3 and there is no charge.  Of course, they intend to move into Ontario after November with another carrot.  The whole scenario makes you laugh as they tried the same techniques with licensing.  I will bet you that the date will be moved right after they finish going across the country with their latest bunch of carrots.  Don’t forget transfers are free until December 2002.  Of course, the Canadian RFC recommends you wait until the last minute to register your guns.  The worst case scenario is that it will cost you 18 whole Canadian dollars!

The omnibus bill, which contains amendments to Bill C-68 and the Cruelty to Animals legislation, is back on the fall agenda.  McLellen had insisted up until September 26 that they would not split it up; but low and behold, a crack must have opened up because it has now been split and the C-68 and cruelty to animals’ part is going back to committee.

Branches should be gearing up to do POL to PAL upgrades (see insert).  Ideally, no one should have a POL.

I have also included a press release from the National Post to help you with your letter writing to our Premier regarding the healthcare issue.

Hang in there!  As always…

Never Forgive – Never Forget

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