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Letter to Jean Chretien

Taken from Cdn Firearms Chat:

April 28, 2002

To: The Prime Minister - Jean Chretien

Dear Prime Minister, Jean Chretien;

When you were first chosen to be the leader of the Federal Liberal Party I was so very pleased for I saw you as the absolute true defender and enforcer of democratic proceedings in Parliament and throughout this country.

When you first talked about gun control I supported you. Thinking that a man like you would use a common sense approach and would be fair and understanding to all segments of Canadian Society, including the rural and grassroots good Canadians who have used and lived with firearms responsibly and peacefully all of their lives.

When I finally did get a copy of Bill C-68 I was horrified with the bill’s viciousness and of its obvious intent to finally confiscate all firearms from the Canadian citizen. This cumbersome bill was designed for lawyers and prosecutors to extract huge sums of money from good Canadians who are also firearm owners, while learned these learned brains argue if a specific firearm owner has violated a specifically vague law or regulation of Bill C-68.

Under the tutelage of “yuppie” Toronto lawyer Allan Rock, who seems to know nothing about anything outside of Toronto, the bill was intended to be designed to confuse even the brightest minds and to be extremely onerous to all the good Canadians who are also firearm owners, with the exception of the habitual and gang related criminals.

Too set the legal barrel length of already legally owned handguns just a few thousands of an inch above the standard four inches, which over half of all legally owned handguns are, is only one example of Bill C-68’s viciousness and ill intent towards the good people of Canada.

The sweeping power given to police and the newly established enforcement team will surely be abused against the good people of Canada. The total lack of knowledge of even the most basic regulations of Bill C-68 by these officers will assure such abuse.

Your, in my opinion, disgusting collusion with the then opposition Separatist Party, to intimidate every Minister in the House to vote Bill C-68 into law stunned me and broke my faith in our Parliamentary system when a man like you is in charge. The Separatists wanted to use this bill to disarm the Quebec Native Community but you wanted to use this bill to disarm Canadians and to endear yourself with the United Nations.

Your continued insistence to push this unworkable, flawed and dangerously mean spirited bill from a promised 85 million to a now confirmed 687 million and with still no end in sight, is totally insulting to all peopleand speaks of the atrocious incompetence of you and your party. All this money of the Canadian people spent at the cost of shortages to medical research, MRI units, hospitals, doctors, nurses, farmers, our habitat, the homeless, education, the military, search & rescue and national security.

Mister Prime Minister, national security is not breached by duck hunters, target shooters, farmers or any other good Canadian you are assaulting with Bill C-68.

Sir, I believe I know who you really are and what you are, and after the book “The Will To Win”, I am convinced that you are the greatest threat to democracy that Canada has ever experienced.

I do hope that you will stay on as Dictator of Canada so you may stir even the most laid back Canadian into action to shove you and your Liberal cowards into the same political dump Mullroney and his group have already been sent.

I pray you will live a long life so you will still witness your parties’ annihilation.

I for one will never again vote for the Liberal Party and its cowards who rather obey a leader who, in my opinion, is a liar, a thief, a dictator and a thug, instead of fulfilling their responsibilities to the Canadian people who sent them to Ottawa, to speak for them and to assure democracy is not compromised by a person like you.

I have written this letter with the full understanding that a person like you and of your vindictive character would want to use his bureaucrats to punish me for criticizing you. After all, you have proven to be exceedingly courageous in throwing even the smallest man to the ground when you are backed up by several burly RCMP officers carrying high capacity pistols. Under Bill C-68 you should never qualify for a gun license, for you have a record of physically assaulting people.

Sir, I am almost your age and have had the advantage to be raised in a country where only party faithful's, police and the military had guns; the very situation that Allan Rock and you would want to simulate in Canada and of late Mr. Colenette also. The country of my birth started to slither down into slime when a man, in my opinion with similar personality traits like yours, set out to make it his killing machine.

In my opinion you are at least a liar, a thief and a thug and the great Liberal Party, as it once was has been reduced to a bunch of cowards under your dictatorship. I pray that this once great country will gather momentum to eventually emerge a truly democratic country where our democratic political servants promote cohesiveness and not divisiveness as you have done with Bill C- 68 and other undemocratic proceedings.


Hal Schnare

Hal Schnare is a sitting member of the RFCSask Board.

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