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Karen Selick is a lawyer in Ontario who also writes about firearms rights. She also writes for the National Post, the Globe and Mail and other papers. Check out her web site for more information about Karen.

Karen Selick

Below is a comprehensive listing of all the best discussion groups and hunting and shooting related magazine websites we could find:

The Coffee Table Bookmark for Shooting Related Websites

The WFSA Mission
The world is changing, and the traditions of hunting and sport shooting are not immune to the shifting tides of the global political environment. The Forum is an educational and scientific association, founded in 1997 by over two dozen existing associations and organizations. Our member organizations represent a substantial portion of the sport shooting community.

The World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the federal government of Canada to force them to obey the intent of the law, the way it was written, and not the musings of some myopic lawyers with an agenda.


Are you interested in the Science of Ballistics?  Would you like to know how to those little bullets fly?  You need to see this links page:

Ballistics, Bullet Design, and Reloading

Do you want to brush up on your shooting skills?  Are you interested in the shooting sports?  This is the links page for you:

Shooting Sports Links

Are you interesting in hunting? Are you looking for more hunting accessories? We might have a link that can help.

Hunting Links

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