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Sept. 30, 2002 Recreational Firearms Community

Firearm s Registration You are not Alone!

The Recreational Firearms Community has organized a fundraising dinner and information night at 6 p.m., Saturday, October 5 at the Prairieland Park Trade Center. The event will provide legal firearms owners with the latest information on the implementation of Bill C-68, The Canadian Firearms Act and what actions are being taken against it.

"Our goal is to provide an evening for firearms owners to let them know that they are not alone in the fight against Bill C-68," says Greg Illerbrun, Spokesperson for the RFC Saskatchewan. "The speakers will provide them with the latest facts on the law, the position of the NDP and Saskatchewan Party, the status of a constitutional challenge initiated by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and as well as a report on other potential constitutional challenges."

The keynote speaker will be Dennis Young who has been a tireless researcher at the federal level, pointing out the many inadequacies of Bill C-68 and it's sad record of implementation over the past number of years. Also on the speaker list are Alberta professor of political science Ted Morton, Saskatchewan Justice Minister Chris Axworthy and Saskatchewan Party Leader Elwin Hermanson.

Of special interest is Greg Ahenakew, vice-chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. He will address the First Nations' appeal of Bill C-68.

"We are painfully aware that thousands of honest, law abiding citizens of this province who own firearms, are still uninformed about the details of the Canadian Firearms Act," says Greg Illerbrun, Spokesperson of RFC Saskatchewan. "While the Federal government has spent $30 million, on advertising alone, to coerce people into complying with this useless legislation, they have done a very poor job of informing the average gun owner what they are required to do and by when."

The Firearms Act is a failure. The tabling of amendments to the Firearms Act, without consulting with the Provinces or firearms groups, was confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure. Privatization of Canadian Firearms Centre functions is confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure. Expenditures in excess of $800 million on the implementation of the Firearms Act is confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure. Allowing a $145 million over-budget fiasco 2001 is a failure.

"The debate is not over, we intend to demonstrate that firearms owners in Saskatchewan are united, strong and will not waver in our determination to see this legislation rescinded and replaced with a process that is acceptable to the firearms owners of Canada."

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