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March 14, 2001 - Firearms Act Amendments: Is it "Consultation" or "Contempt"?

Today in Parliament, the Government of Canada tabled amendments to the Firearms Act.  These amendments were presented as simple facts, administrative reform.  The simple fact is that these amendments were prepared without the consultation of the Provinces or affected firearms owners.  The Provinces referred to are those same Provinces who fought valiantly for their citizens wishes before the Supreme Court of Canada, on the validity of the Firearms Act.

Faced with the simple fact that opposition is growing against the Firearms Act, the Government of Canada decided on a simple tactic to stifle democratic oppostion.  Discussions between Department of Justice bureaucrats, Police representatives, and Business interests have created these Firearms Act amendments supported by a Police-State-Industrial Complex.

This upcoming weekend, the Canadian Police Association will decide on withdrawl of their support of the Firearms Act.  A number of Provincial police organizations have been very vocal in their oppostion to the Firearms Act.

The simple fact is that the Firearms Act is a failure.  The tabling of amendments to the Firearms Act, and not consulting with the Provinces or firearms groups, is confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure.  Privatization of Canadian Firearms Centre functions is confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure.  Expenditures in excess of $600 million on the implementation of the Firearms Act is confirmation that the Firearms Act is a failure.

Given this environment the Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan (RFC(SASK)) has reached out to the Minister of Justice to sit down together and find a way to repeal the Firearms Act and replace it with responsible legislation.  We re-iterate our call.  Will Minister McLellan work with us to replace the Firearms Act with reasonable legislation that has the support of firearms owners.

"The debate is not over, we are united, strong and will not waver in our determination to see this legislation rescinded and replaced with a process that is acceptable to the firearms owners of Canada."


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