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Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association (CUFOA)

April 25th, 2002 - Operation Nail It to the Door

The Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association launched “Operation Nail It to the Door” last weekend in Consort, Alberta. This initiative is the gathering of signatures of firearms owners who publicly affirm that they will engage in peaceful, non-violent acts of civil disobedience to repeal Bill C-68. Throughout the remainder of this year CUFOA members will collect signatures to take to Parliament, not as a petition, but as a simple statement of fact: Bill C-68 is an unjust law. The first stage of this protest will cumulate on Parliament Hill on the First of January 2003 when CUFOA President Jim Turnbull will personally nail the Declaration of Non-Compliance to the doors of Parliament in a public display of civil disobedience.

President Turnbull is inviting as many fellow firearms owners as possible to collect signatures and accompany him to Ottawa.  This is the beginning of a active campaign of civil disobedience to the Firearms Act, the ultimate goal being the repeal of Bill C-68.

While all members of this new association are committed to peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience, President Turnbull stated that not does not mean that everyone will be sent to prison for refusing to register their firearms. Mr Turnbull explained that civil disobedience takes many forms, both direct civil disobedient against the specific terms of the law, and indirect public action undertaken to call attention to the unjustness of the law. While some members may publicly refuse to register their firearms, that is not the only available means of protest. Indirect acts of civil disobedience, such as committing illegal trespass on government property, can demonstrate opposition to  Bill C-68.

“We need to face the facts”, Turnbull stated. “The government set the terms for this struggle. Bill C-68 mandates ten years in prison for refusal to comply. A simple, insignificant “paper violation” of the Firearms Act has very serious consequences. The government is using our tax money to repress dissent. While we volunteer our time to protest this unjust law, our tax-paid government workers stand ready to put us in jail. Therefore we must be creative in our efforts. We need to show people that wholesome, peaceful civil disobedience can be effective. Appropriately applied, civil disobedience is a well accepted method of dialogue.”

Turnbull concluded, “We are going to publicly state our objection to this law any way we can. Everyone who believes in liberty should be willing to spend one or two nights in a local jail cell. If we lose a weekend or two to protect our country’s culture and heritage, that is a very small price to pay. Canadians have always been ready to protect liberty.”

For more information on how you can get involved in civil disobedience

contact :
Jim Turnbull 1-306-341-2431
Ed Hudson  1-306-242-2379
fax 1-306-249-2359

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