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Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
Canadians for Real Democracy

News Release
May 29, 2002


EDMONTON: Following a recent legal battle, the Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association, is now under control of a new Board of Directors and a new President, with ambitious plans to unite the firearm owners of Canada into the largest and strongest lobby group in the country and force the repeal of the controversial firearm legislation bill C-68.

This one issue organization, had meteoric success prior to April 2000 with some 20,000 members in only 20 months but has since been handcuffed by internal conflict and poor leadership since dismissing itís original founder, president and talented leader Bruce Hutton.

With a more nationally represented board, the new leaders are anxious to rally the 3 to 5 million strong firearms community and itís supporters against the hated firearms legislation which is plagued by numerous problems including a mind boggling and wasteful cost over run, fast approaching a billion dollars.


Wayne Fields
LaSalle, Ont.

Phil Hewkin
Public Relations
Prince George, BC

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