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Press Release From RFC(Sask)

Ignatieff Completely Off Target Again

“Ignatieff’s plan for gun control that works for all Canadians starts out by recognizing that the present system is unfair and punitive. His suggestions on how to address this however are nothing more than an insult to Canadians,” says Greg Illerbrun, Provincial Firearms Chair of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

Mr. Ignatieff’s proposal to make it a ticketable offence for first time offenders failing to register their firearms is nothing new. In fact Section 112 of the existing legislation already allows police officers to make it a “summary offense” charge only.

Ignatieff proposes they will permanently eliminate fees for new licenses, renewals and upgrades. However, in reality renewals and upgrades are already free in the amnesty program presently in place.

Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party just don’t get it — as is evidenced by the recent announcement to whip the vote on Bill C-391, a private members bill to eliminate the Gun Registry.

Illerbrun goes on to say “Under the Liberal Gun Law every person in possession of a firearm in Canada has been deemed a criminal. The present licensing system is nothing more than a temporary amnesty that prevents law enforcement from charging you for the criminal offence you are committing! This license can be canceled at any time. Mr. Ignatieff’s smoke and mirrors policies are insulting to all, but in particular rural Canadians and law abiding firearms owners.”

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation urges all Saskatchewan residents to contact Mr. Ignatieff and the Federal Liberal Party with their concerns. Or you can voice your disapproval to Mr. Ignatieff as he will be appearing at McNally Robinson Book Store in Saskatoon on Friday April 23 at 12:00 pm.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Illerbrun
Provincial Firearms Chair
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation