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Shooting Sports Links

Do you want to brush up on your shooting skills?  Are you interested in the shooting sports?  This is the links page for you:

Shooting Sports Links

Sport Psychology:
Zone of Excellence with Terry Orlick
Sport Psychology with Karlene Sugerman
Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
Playing in the Zone - Athletic Insights

Saskatchewan Amateur Trapshooting Association
Gull Lake Trapshooting Club
Amateur Trapshooting Association Home Page
American Trapshooting Association Rulebook
ATA Member Information Search
Clay Shooting Magazine
Field & Clays
OSP Shooting School
Remington Country - Trapshooting Fundamentals
Saskatchewan Amateur Trapshooting Association
Shotgun Report
Trap Designs
"Trap Doctor" Bulletin Board
Trap Shooting
Trapshooter Discussion Thread
Trapshooting Hall of Fame
Trap Shooting Talk

Skeet Shooting:
Saskatchewan Skeet Shooting Club
Field & Clays
NSSA - National Skeet Shooting Association
OSP Shooting School
Remington Country - Skeet Shooting Fundamentals
Shotgun Report
Skeet Fundamentals
Skeet Shooting Talk
The Art of Skeet Shooting (Olympic Style)

Sporting Clays:
Sask Sporting Clay Association
Field & Clays
National Sporting Clays Association
OSP Shooting School
Shotgun Report
Sporting Clays Talk

Saskatchewan Handgun Association
Saskatchewan Practical Shooting Association
Reed Lake Gun Club
Regina Association of Practical Shooters
Wascana Pistol Club
Bullseye Pistol - Online Encyclopedia
Canadian Police Combat Association
CISM Shooting Canada
FM 23-35 Chapter 2 - Pistol Markmanship Training
International Practical Shooting Confederation
The M-1911 Pistols Home Page
Pilkington Competition Homepage
Sportshooter Practice Drills
TargetShooting Canada: A Canadian Bullseye Resource
United States Practical Shooting Association

Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association
Saskatchewan Provincial Small Bore Association
Buffalo Target Shooters Association (was Alberta Provincial Rifle Association)
Reed Lake Gun Club
Regina Police Marksmanship Association
CISM Shooting Canada
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
FM 23-10 Chapter 3 - Rifle Marksmanship Training
FR. FROG'S Home Page
Introduction to High Power Rifle
Konrad's Highpower Rifle Page

Deer Hunter
Instructions to Deer Hunter
Long Range Shooting
Skeet Shooting

Virtual Benchrest
Virtual Benchrest 2
Instructions to Virtual Benchrest

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