Recreational Firearms Community
of Saskatchewan
Who Are We? The RFC(Sask)

The Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan (RFC(Sask)) is a loose-knit coalition of organizations that meet several times a year and plan various strategies to fight Bill C-68, the Firearms Act.  This coalition includes the following organizations as well as other groups from time to time:

  Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
  Saskatchewan Trappers Association
Saskatoon Police Service
  Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers
  Saskatchewan Assoc. of Rural Municipalities
  Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Association
  Saskatchewan Responsible Firearms Owners
Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association
Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association
  National Firearms Association
  Saskatchewan Handgun Association
  Saskatchewan Association of Firearms Education
  Saskatchewan Assoc. of Conservation Officers
  Saskatchewan Outfitters Association
  Saskatchewan Provincial Small Bore Association
Saskatchewan Sporting Clays Association


Other Clubs & Organiziations that we have an affiliation with:
Regina Association of Practical Shooters
Regina Biathalon Bears
Biathlon Saskatchewan
Reed Lake Gun Club
Gull Lake Trap Shooting Club
Regina Police Marksmanship Association
Regina Police Service
Wascana Pistol Club (Regina)
Regina Wildlife Federation
Saskatchewan Amateur Trapshooting Association
Saskatchewan Black Powder Association (SBPA)
Saskatchewan Practical Shooting Association
Saskatchewan Skeet Shooting Club
Saskatoon Muzzle Loading Club

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