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The intent of this website is to provide a forum to support gun-related activities in the Province of Saskatchewan.  The website will be maintained by volunteers and be kept as simple as possible.  We look to promote all the shooting sports in the Province of Saskatchewan, and to do it with a political bent (Scrap Bill C-68, the Firearms Act).

Call to Action

I’m hoping to convince a number of you to write your MLA’s, MP’s, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau voicing your strong opposition to the May 1st OIC,

Bill C-21,  and


I’m also including a sample letter below that can be used in its entirety or as an information guide to compose a letter in your own words.  In addition to this feel free to use the statistical information along with the reference links in support of your objections. I understand that many people don’t enjoy writing letters but law-abiding gun owners everywhere need to be heard before all of our firearms are taken away.  Hopefully this will make it a little easier.

Lastly you may have heard of Bill C-10, a bill to control what is allowed to be posted on the internet.  While many believe that there are some harmful and hateful things online, for the most part these are already regulated or illegal.  Since the original introduction of this bill significant changes have been introduced. What c10 now aims to do is regulate individuals as if they were broadcasters and limit free speech.  As much of what legal firearms owners and groups post opposes the governments point of view it may become blocked or removed in the future, taking our collective voices away.  This is very concerning and again letters should be sent to your MP, the PM, the NDP and David Lametti the Canadian Minister of Justice, voicing your opposition to this bill.

Stay current with the latest happening by liking and following the RFC and CCFR Facebook pages.   

Sample Letter


Gun Stats:

The business of guns:

Guns and Crime: 

Suicide and Guns:

Law Enforcement Support for Gun Bans? 

No - National Police Federation – union for 60k RCMP

No – Canadian Association for Chiefs of Police:

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For those of us who are into all facets of guns, visit our links section.  We intend on having the most up-to-date and comprehensive series of pages on shooting sports, technical facets of guns and ammunition, and links to all the best discussion groups and e-magazines to learn those tips and tricks....

Gun Links - So You Want to Shoot!

Take a look at these fine Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation: Henry Kelsey trophies - Provincial records.  Do you want to see some more Big Saskatchewan Bucks?  Saskatchewan may be the place for you!
Interested in Booking a Hunt in Saskatchewan, or creating your own?  Do you just want to find your way around Saskatchewan?  The following link will help you find what you need to book a hunt or make your own arrangements.

Finding Your Way Around Saskatchewan!

We will be looking for stories from the upcoming shooting events. If you are interested in writing about your community's event but don't know where to start, we can help.
Do you want to write a story?  Here are some Media Tips.

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