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Nunavut wins injunction!

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Excerpts From the Canadian Firearms Digest

Read the Auditor General's report on the cost of the Firearms Act.

The complete study by Ted Morton is available below.

Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan today released a letter in support of Bill C-391, which would end the long-gun registry. The private member's bill, sponsored by Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Hoeppner, is due to be considered by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security in the near future.
Read more here.

Long Gun Registry Petition
Click on the link below to sign the petition to abolish the long gun registry.
Scrap the Long Gun Registry

Toronto Mayor wants to ban handguns
…handguns continue to be a persistent threat to the safety and security of Canadians. Although the City is constrained by federal and provincial law from exercising direct regulatory control over handguns, there are a number of options available to the City to address handgun violence that build upon Toronto's existing approach of balanced preventative programming investment and innovative enforcement techniques.Read more here.

We Win One
The Registrar is directed to issue a registration certificate to Mr. Ehnes for his .32 calibre semi -automatic Savage handgun, Model 1907, Serial Number 20**** (Firearm Identification Number 469****).
NWT Decision
An appeal has been launched with regards to the Ehnes decision. A Notice of Motion has been received by the court, and the matter is scheduled for April 2nd 2007. The court file number for the appeal is S1-CR-2007-11. The prefix S indicates that it will proceed in the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories.
But we lose in the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories.

We Win Another One!
When I consider the unique facts in this particular case, I am satisfied that the decision of the firearms officer to refuse Mr. Demchuk a license in regards to this weapon was unreasonable and not justified.
B.C. Decision
But the Crown wins on appeal.

Hromatka challenges gun law; constitutional challenge in BC
A Smithers court judge reserved decision on a constitutional challenge to Canada's Firearms Act on Wednesday. Walter Hromatka submitted to Judge John Milne that a refusal by the director of firearms to grant him a licence to possess a Walther PPK was contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Hromatka challenges gun law

Justice rejects gun owner’s constitutional challenge
A B.C. Supreme Court judge has upheld a ruling to reject a Smithers gun owner’s constitutional challenge to possess a prohibited firearm. Justice Harvey Groberman dismissed the appeal Jan. 14. Walter Hromatka has now been ordered to destroy his Walther PP, or file for higher court appeals.
Read the full article here.

Section 12(6) Owners
Notice to all Section 12(6) Owners.
We are trying to co-ordinate all of the owners of Section 12(6) handguns. Please send a message to Greg Illerbrun to get on his list of Section 12(6) owners.

Update from Larry Whitmore
It was an interesting session, to say the least. The judge was trying very hard to understand a complex issue and made comments about how absurd the situation is. There are piles of documents, factums, affidavits, etc. as well as at least 10 boxes of other material.
More to come

P.I.R.F. (Personal Information Request Form
Anyone facing a 12.6 reference hearing, or anyone who wants to know what information the CFC has on you, can (and should) submit a Personal Information Request Form.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the federal government of Canada to force them to obey the intent of the law, the way it was written, and not the musings of some myopic lawyers with an agenda.

Notice To All Prohibited Handgun (12(6)) Owners
December 21/05: Although we were not successful in Federal Court for a blanket amnesty for those non-grandfathered individuals with prohibited handguns, we did succeed in forcing the government to issue Notices of Refusal.

Click here for a poster that is suitable for printing on your home computer. Print off a few copies and put them up where they might wake up a few souls. Your local gun club might be an ideal spot, however, your local gun store might not be too receptive. (It might be hard to sell a gun right next to a sign that says that gun will soon be confiscated. Or maybe not?)

Scrap Bill C-68
Please sign the Petition to scrap Bill C-68.

MP Contact Information
Call a Liberal MP today. While you are at it, send a letter to your Member of Parliament. Here are some topics that you can discuss. You can also e-mail or fax your MP (the first line is the MP's e-mail address, the second line is their e-mail to fax address).

Justice Minister Charged With Contempt Of Parliament

Jack Layton on Gun Control
NDP on banning handguns, semi-automatics & more.

LUFA Activities
Are you interested in attending a LUFA Meeting?

Here is the summary of the study prepared by Ted Morton for the Responsible Firearm Owners of Alberta, the Responsible Firearm Owners of British Columbia and the Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan. This information is for the use of the general public should they wish to use it to defend themselves against this intrusive legislation.

Here is Ted Morton's complete study.

C-68 inspections and warrants

Press Releases

December 11, 2002
The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is demanding that all firearms owners be treated equally under The Canadian Firearms Act pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights.

September 30,2002
"Our goal is to provide an evening for firearms owners to let them know that they are not alone in the fight against Bill C-68," says Greg Illerbrun, spokesperson for the RFC Saskatchewan.

Great Columns

June 14, 2005 - How Did Your MP Vote On The Gun Registry?
How the Liberals shot the truth
Gun-law flaws tragic - Auditor fears lives at risk

New News & Views In the News:

Safeguard Seminars International
Our Canada 2007 schedule is posted and we are excited to introduce our Advanced Personal Protection course, including force-on-force sim training! Training that does not create the stress, tension, and dynamics of a real threat event, quite simply fails!

"Trouble in Paradise: Small Arms in the Pacific": A Brief Critique
This paper provides a brief review of a 2003 study by Alpers and Twyford in which they claim that the availability of civilian firearms contributes to criminal violence in the Pacific region. The authors admit that they could not collect any information on illegal or smuggled firearms, but instead they chose to focus on firearms that are legally owned.

Firearms Import/Export 1966-2004
Garry Breitkreuz has finally got a straight answer from the Liberals. They finally admitted that between 1966 and 2004, over 11 MILLION firearms were imported into Canada. During that same period, 617,000 were re-exported, for a net gain of 10,880,525 firearms! So much for their 90% rate of compliance.

What Should You Do If The Police Take Your Guns?
Police often seize firearms on very flimsy grounds. If the firearms are not returned, charges must be laid, or a prohibition hearing started. However, in today's world, the police are often afraid to return firearms. That is because, if they do, and the owner does something bad with a firearm, the police will be crucified by the media.

Southwick Associates
Last Winter, Southwick Associates completed a project for the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Animal Use Issues Committee that estimated the types of losses society might incur if hunting and trapping were lost as wildlife management tools. Based on a survey of provincial wildlife agencies and existing literature, the report has been expanded to include Canada.

Southwick Associates of Fernandina Beach, Florida has put together a number of reports concerning the economical impact of hunting and fishing. We have two of their reports here: HuntingEconomicImpact2001.pdf and PCLHuntingAndTrapping.pdf. Please visit their website for more reports like these.
Here are the most recent updates from Southwick Associates.

Possession Only License Extensions
The expiry dates of some Possession-Only Licences (POLs) are being extended this Fall, for a period of one to four years, on a one-time basis.

Check out the proposed changes to regulations under the Explosives Act relating to the hand loading of ammunition.

The NDP & Guns
[RFOCBC] It is our opinion that the NDP leader is no friend of gun-owners. Leaders’ personal positions, more often than not, quickly become party platform. Jack Layton, as leader of the NDP recently reaffirmed his anti gun stance.
NDP Update
NDP on banning handguns, semi-automatics & more.

Here is a collection of quotations from police officers across the country, from rank-and-file officers, to Police Association Presidents, to Chiefs of Police.

Statistics Canada Tells Us What’s Killing Canadians.
Garry Breitkreuz, Official Opposition Critic on Firearms and Property Rights, released the Library of Parliament’s analysis of Statistics Canada’s most recent report on causes of death in Canada. Causes of Death, 1999, Catalogue Number CS84-208/1999 was released by Statistics Canada in June of 2002.

News From Garry Breitkreuz - June 16, 2002 Press Release
Ottawa – Garry Breitkreuz, Official Opposition Critic on Firearms and Property Rights, released 151 pages of
documents obtained from the Department of Justice proving that the gun registry has already been privatized.
“The government hasn’t been completely open with the Canadian people about the extent of the privatization
process,” commented Breitkreuz.

Web Site Find: Roderus Custom Gunworks
If you have ever been interested in home gunsmithing, here is a good website to watch projects unfold.  This website is being developed as an encyclopedia of home-how-tos when it comes to gunsmithing.  This web site is very informative and has plenty of pictures.  This website and others like it can be found in our bookmark section, Links For Ballistics, Bullet Design, Reloading.

Saskatchewan Amateur Trapshooting Association - Regina Spring Shoot
The Regina Trap & Skeet Club held their Spring Shoot on June 7-9th, 2002.  Here are the results of this shoot.

The Allen Carlos Case:
WHITEHORSE, Yukon - Small beginnings. Men, capable of rattling chains in high places, are snooping into the complicated Allen Carlos case.

The Allen Carlos Court Decisions are now in the Articles Archive.  Here is their direct link:
Yukon Territorial Court - November 2, 2000
Court of Appeal For The Yukon Territory - July 5, 2001
Supreme Court of Canada - April 17, 2002
If you would like to find out more about the Allen Carlos issue, visit the Canadian Firearms Digest - Search Directory webpage.  Type "Allen Carlos" into the Google search engine to find references to him in archived copies of the Canadian Firearms Digest.  (The search engine should search This is important reading.
The Allen Carlos Background Article.

The situation in Australia looks like this. Here's what you can do about it.
NEWS - Scotland gun crime stats

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