Bill C-68 ­ Region 6 (Swift Current)

WHEREAS Bill C-68 violates the Canadian Charter of Rights in at least six places, and
WHEREAS it is obvious that the Federal Liberal Government does not intend to Charter-proof C-68, therefore
BE IT RESOLVED that the Government of Saskatchewan take whatever means necessary including court action to protect our rights set out in the Charter.


Minister of Justice: As you know, the Government of Saskatchewan has already taken the following significant steps to make the Province's opposition to the Firearms Act known to the Federal Government:

These are all steps which are open to the provincial government to take.  However, the rights guaranteed by the Charter are individual in nature, and their application will depend heavily on the facts of a particular case.  The Government's position is that Charter-based challenges are best brought by individuals, who can assert their own rights, rather than by the Government.  In fact, some cases the courts have held that one individual cannot rely on another person's Charter rights.  That principle may apply with even greater force in one government tried to challenge another government's actions, based on the rights of individuals who are not part of the court action.      

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